Friday, January 6, 2012

Scholastic Apptitude

I don't know why, but for a while now I have wanted a vintage letterman sweater. You know what I am talking about. With the right skirt you are suddently transformed into the captain of the cheerleading squad, or maybe dating the captain of the football team. The problem is that actual vintage letterman sweaters are fairly expensive.

So, of course I did the next best thing: I decided to make my own. I happen to have my own letter from high school, although I never had a jacket to put it on. Although my letter was for band and not for sports (yep, woodwind captain actually) I figured it would work. The only other thing I needed was one of those giant v-neck cardigan sweaters we all had in the 80's, and I would be set.

One of our local Goodwill stores happened to have this little beauty.

I dug out my letter from mom and dad's house over the holidays. I love that it says "woodwinds." There is absolutly no hiding the fact that I was a band nerd and not a cheerleader or a track star. I am, however, glad that my high school colors were pretty. Go Broncos!

I then just ran the sweater and letter through the sewing machine, and voila, a brand new "vintage" letterman sweater!

I think the only thing that might make this any better is if it said "math club."


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