Friday, January 20, 2012

Lessons from a Flapper

With all the studying of 1920's fashion that I have been doing, it seems logical that I recently watched Ken Burns' documentary on Prohibition. That whole era in American history is fascinating, although I am sure that living it was a whole different thing that watching it on television. It just seems amazing to me that a freedom loving country like America would have decided to totally ban alcohol because it was seen as the root of all problems. And then, that the very people who voted for and passed the law, would completely ignore it!

One of my favorite things from the documentary was learning about Vanity Fair writer Lois Long, pen name "Lipstick." The daughter of a minister, in the 20's she became the quintessential flapper, recording her escapades in the nightclubs and speakeasys of New York in her weekly column. She was famous for her brash lifestyle and her brash writing style, stating that "Tomorrow we may die, so let's get drunk and make love." She was most definitely a new kind of woman.

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Nichole Livengood said...

She was like the Carrie Bradshaw of the 20's! Have you seen Boardwalk Empire? LOVVVEEEE it!