Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Only up from here

So, 2012 hasn't started out quite as I intended it to. After a fun few days spending Christmas with the family, we all ended up with a mysterious lingering sickness that knocked us all flat and left us drinking copious amounts of cold medicine and tea. Now that I am starting to feel human again, I decided that it is time for an update, and to let you all know about some of the things I have planned for the new year.

As I mentioned several weeks ago, I am currently working on a couple of book versions of my paper dolls. Some of the drawings you have been seeing over the past few weeks are going to be turned into a series of paper doll coloring books. Next, I will be doing a full color paper doll book, hopefully finished before the end of the year.

Next, for you hands on types, I am going to be offering some classes and workshops out of the studio. Soon I will be offering a paper doll workshop, for those of you that want to create your own paper dolls. And, because I hear from people all the time that they can't even draw a stick figure, I will be doing a stick figure class to teach you all the refined art of stick figure drawing.

And, as always, I am available to teach individual or group lessons in painting or drawing. Just email me for rates.

Finally, those of you who are on my mailing list know that up to this point my "monthly" mailings are far from regular. But, I have some new articles and ideas planned that I think you all will enjoy. It will no longer be just a list of show announcements, but will be packed with tips, stories, historical information, fun stuff, and things available only to newsletter subscribers. Plus, it will actually come out monthly! So, if you want to be a part of my mailing list, just click the link over in the right hand column.

Thank you all for your patience with me over the past couple of weeks. I hope your New Years was nothing like mine. I know it can only go up from here!

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