Friday, August 24, 2012

Same Size Sale! What?!?

Hey, bonus Friday post! I'm feeling talkative today, I guess.

Alright, you people who have merely been browsing the paper dolls, but not buying, here is your chance. Now until September 1 I am having a Same Size Sale. If you buy two or more paper doll pieces of the same size, you will get 15% off your total purchase. 

This includes all the new 11"x 14" watercolors, the smaller watercolor paper dolls and oils, heck, I will even discount the really big paper dolls in the studio. This includes purchases through the blog (just message me the titles of the pieces you want and I will send you payment information), in the Etsy shop (use coupon code SAMESIZE), and in the studio.

And, the sale will still be going on for all you folks planning to stop by for White Linen Night Greenville. Put together your own paper doll set now!


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