Monday, August 13, 2012

Inspiration Monday: The Olympics


Ok, so maybe they don't have anything to do with art or with paper dolls, but I love the Olympics. I don't typically watch a lot of sports on TV, but during the Olympics, I will watch just about anything- trampoline, skeet shooting, water polo, flat water canoeing, everything.

Even though I have come to grips with the fact that I will never become an Olympian, I find these people so inspiring. They dedicated their lives to doing what they love most. All their hard work and dedication culminates in just a few moments, but for these athletes it is worth it. I especially love the moments of pure joy, not only for the winners, but for those athletes who are just proud to be representing their countries, no matter that the odds are against their ever winning a medal.

Why did I decide to write about the Olympics for this week's Inspiration Monday? Because I believe that the Olympics, namely the stories of the athletes, can inspire the rest of us, no matter what we have chosen to dedicate our lives to. I know that I would drown playing water polo, that I would be too scared to jump over anything on a horse, and could never keep up with those female runners. But I have dedicated my life to making beautiful art and sharing it with the world. I only hope I can show as much determination in my art as I saw in the athletes I have spent so much time watching these past two weeks.

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