Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Woman of Wonder

11"x 14"
Watercolor on paper

Yes, I know that I have done three or four paper doll versions of Wonder Woman. Besides the fact that I love her and always wanted to be her (think about it; bullet proof bracelets, lasso of truth, that cool spinning thing she did to become Wonder Woman), she is one of the reasons behind why I make paper dolls.

I love the idea that, with a simple change of clothes, a woman goes from normal to spectacular. You would notice this woman walking down the street for no other reason that her outfit. Granted, you might think she was crazy, but that is besides the point. Put the same woman in sweats and you might not look twice at her. 

Keep that in mind when you are getting dressed tomorrow. Do you want to be normal, or something a little more Wonder-ful?


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