Thursday, September 6, 2012

Top 10 reasons you need an Emily Clarke Commission for Christmas

You need to commission a painting from Emily Clarke Studio this Christmas. Here's why:
10. Because your Great Aunt is the hardest person on the planet to shop for.

9. Because your Grandmother wants everyone to know why her nickname in high school was "legs."

8. Because your mother is always saying she wants more pictures of her grandkids.

7. Because you can't remember the last time you bought your sister something she actually liked.

6. Because your brother and his new wife already have enough gravy boats.

5. Because your dog really is your husband's best friend.

4. Because all the photos of your grandparents as teenagers are starting to fall apart.

3. Because you want to show off how good you looked in your wedding dress (and he looked ok too).

2. Because I have spent years specializing in capturing your special memories in paint.

1. Because if you book your commission before November 22, you will get a free custom built frame with your completed painting!

Commissioning a piece is easy. Just email me a photo or bring one by the studio. We will work out all the details from there. Simple!

(50% deposit due upon booking your commission. Deposit must be received on or before November 22 to receive a free frame. Please allow approximately 3 weeks to complete painting. Remaining balance is due upon delivery.)


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