Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Adventure Close to Home

So, I live in Greenville, SC, and have for a number of years now. But I don't venture up to Asheville often, which is crazy considering it is less than an hour away and I have family who live there. So, today I took a somewhat spur of the moment trip up to the mountain city. My main goal in going was to  visit a gallery I have been considering submitting my work to, and to see my baby sister, who lives close by.

My secondary reason was to visit The Chocolate Lounge. Yes, it is everything you imagine it to be; comfortable chairs in a cozy room, intoxicating smells, chocolate flavored with ginger or lavender or coconut, brought to you in wine glasses.

After that I came home to nurse a cold that has been creeping up on me since Monday. Tomorrow will once again be just a typical day. Paper dolls will be made, my first class of the fall is starting up, but tonight, I may just dream about chocolate...

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