Monday, February 8, 2010

Days Like This

I like days like today that are a little different from the norm, but where I am still able to get a lot of work done. I started the morning off bright and early hanging a few paintings at Adam's Bistro, located on Pelham Rd. here in Greenville. If you have never been to Adam's Bistro, you need to go because not only do they hang work by local artists, they have some of the best food and friendliest service in this city. Several pieces from my Oil and Rouge series and my Modern Conveniences series will be on display through May, so be sure to stop by.

I have spent the rest of the afternoon emailing, researching, and doing all the business stuff that often gets put on the back burner, but is so important to being a successful artist. So, I thought today I would post another older piece in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

24"x 24"
Oil on Canvas

This painting, currently one of the ones on display at Adam's Bistro, probably gets more comments than all of my other paintings. People want to know why she has been painted in, while he remains a mere outline in the background. I have had people ask if it is a feminist statement, if he is a figment of her imagination, or if he is the spirit of her departed husband. Do you have an interpretation? Want to know what I think? You'll just have to come by the studio and ask me...


Sharon Schock said...

this is my favorite one! I love illustrations like this, we have a dishwasher in our house made in 1956, and the illustrations in the manual are so great...I wish they still made them like that.

Emily Clarke said...

Thanks Sharon! I agree. A part of me would like to get rid of my modern appliances and replace them with vintage ones. They were so much prettier!