Monday, January 11, 2010

A Family Affair

Before Christmas, I had a woman come in to the studio to commission the first of these two paintings. It was one of my favorite commissions, partly because of the beautiful photograph, but mostly because she told me that this was her Christmas present to herself! She told her husband that she would set everything up, and he only had to pick it up and not show it to her until Christmas morning. (Take notes, ladies! That's the way to get what you want ;)

Just after Christmas, she came in to commission the second piece for her husband's birthday. While they are very different pieces, I think they work really well together. The photos were both probably early 40's, and have an air of everyday life about them. I think they make a lovely set!
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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. You're incredibly talented!

Emily Clarke said...

Thanks Melly!