Monday, July 9, 2007

"Perk Up"

6" x 6"
Pencil on Masonite

To purchase, email me with the title in the subject line.

This is an antique coffee pot from my collection. A conversation with some friends this evening has really gotten me thinking about the purpose of pieces like this one. I don't think anyone would argue that this piece is particularly thought provoking, meaningful, or "spiritual" in any sense. Often times, because of this I am tempted to dismiss these pieces as mere exercises, with no real purpose. However, if I devote myself fully to Christ and to the work that he has given me to do, then whatever I create, no matter how trivial it may seem, will be a reflection of Him. It is a thought I need to constantly remind myself of as I am dashing off a quick painting between work and all the other things I am committed to.

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