Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Playing Dress Up

 When I was little I loved paper dolls. I actually made my own set. They were a family of bears that I cut out of cardboard, and I designed little construction paper clothes for them. I found that set not to long ago when I was cleaning out my closet at my parents' house, and it got me thinking about the idea of paper dolls. For a long time, I have been fascinated with the transformative nature of clothes- how what we wear can change, not only how we look, but how we act and how other people perceive us. The same paper doll girl, when given a new set of clothes, becomes a totally different person.

This piece is just step one in this idea. I am currently working on several other pieces of the same size that are the various outfits, the various personalities that this girl can put on. I think that, when hung together, they will be a really interesting statement.


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Laurie said...

Oooh, fun. Can't wait to see them!