Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bowling anyone?

The AAF Greenvile is having an event called the Tiki bowl, and they asked for local artists to decorate bowling pins to be auctioned off. I had so much fun doing the bust for Tatas on Trade that I decided a bowling pin would be fun. Sadly I kept putting it off for so long, that I didn't leave myself much time to paint it! Here is the almost finished product. True to my style, I went searching for vintage bowling images, and styled the piece after vintage bowling shirts. I have no idea what the other offerings to the auction will be, but I am pleased with mine.

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Sara Kosmer said...

LOVE IT! Love the color and love the image! Is there any way to seal it? So it is shiny? Would be really cool.

Emily Clarke said...

Thanks Sara! Yes, I am planning to put a gloss medium over the top so that it shines a bit. Just need it to dry a little longer.