Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Aboard!

I recently signed up for a project with The Art House Gallery in Atlanta, called the Sketchbook Project. Basically, they send you a blank sketchbook and a randomly assigned theme. You fill it up, send it back, and it becomes a part of their sketchbook exhibit. Visitors can search through the books by theme, artist location, or name. A couple of days ago, I received my blank book and the theme "The other side of the tracks."

In keeping with my recent vintage work, I decided to base the book around vintage train and travel photos. I don't draw often, not that I don't like to, but the lazy side of me usually thinks how much easier and better the piece would be in paint. So, I am not sure what possessed me to decide to fill my book with sepia toned drawings. I am really happy with this first one, but let's see how I feel once I am near the back of the book!

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