Monday, June 13, 2011

A Paper-Doll-a-Day and Paper doll yourself!

My last painting-a-day project, for which I started this blog back in January of 2007, was to help me get over a block, to push myself as an artist, and to help me to find my voice. It is because of the approximately 2 and a half years that I spent doing daily paintings that my work has come to the place where it is now.

So it is with much excitement that I introduce my new project- A Paper-Doll-a-Day! While the last project was about artistic growth, this one is about making lots and lots of paper dolls! The pieces will be various sizes, from "minis" up to almost life sized. Some may be individual figures or outfits, while others will be whole collections. I am planning to post at least 6 days each week, so I should end the year with 312-365 paper doll pieces.

"How can I help?" you ask? Well, I have become a bit notorious for rejecting other people's ideas for my work. (for proof, check out this post.) But not this time! Bring on those suggestions! What paper dolls would you like to see? A specific time period? Type of clothing? Historical figure? Anything you think of I can make happen. And, yes, I am planning to include you guys as well, so bring on those masculine type suggestions. I'm also looking for story lines for the paper dolls, so let me know if your figures have a back story.

"What's in it for me?" you say? If the joy of contributing to my artistic endeavor is not enough, here is something else. Everyone who comments on this post with a suggestion for paper doll pieces they would like to see will be entered to win a personalized paper doll painting of his or herself with an outfit of your choice. That's right! You will be turned into a paper doll with whatever outfit or persona you would like. Ladies- you could be a vintage vixen or Marie Antoinette. Gents- a superhero or dapper man about town. It is up to you.

Here are the details:
1. To enter, comment on this post with a suggestion or suggestions for paper doll pieces you would like to see. Feel free to comment multiple times, but you will only be entered once here.
2. Gain additional chances to win by doing any of the following. Each action will get you one additional chance to win:
-share a link to this post on Facebook
-share a link on twitter
-post about it on your own blog (make sure you send me a link to the post)
-become a fan of Emily Clarke Studio on Facebook (if you are already a fan, don't try this. Just do one of the other things.)
3. The winner will be picked randomly on Monday, June 27. That gives you two weeks to wrack those brains for ideas, so get thinking!

So, lets get started!

5"x 7"
Oil on canvas panel
Available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

Dorthy surveyed her closet with a practiced eye. "Who do I want to be today?" she mused. "Sophisticated? Bombshell?" The possibilities were way too endless...


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ATHMusicFan said...

I think you could do a whole series of classic big-top circus perfomers.

Acrobats: Flying trapeze, tight-rope walker, fire juggler.

Freaks: Bearded lady, half woman-half man, dog-faced boy, snake woman, siamese twins


Master of Ceremonies
... and his beautiful assistants

Lion tamer

Have fun!

Frankie said...

I would like to see a flower child series, headbands, flowing shirts, bell bottoms, platform shoes, crochet pieces. The best of the 70's

Daniel Cvammen said...

on a face, instead of the mouth, put a text box or a phone screen.
Heads with long necks as arms.
a top hat wearing a top hat.
powdered wigs.
feet with mouths on them.
angel wings that are mounted on the chest.
eyes that wrap around the head like a bandana.

Katie Marie said...

Bridget was ahead of her time in fashion and thought. Never afraid to take a risk, she was the first in her male-dominated firm to wear pants (and even the occasional fedora), but was the essence of femininity in her soft, flowing style. She was creative. She was mysterious. Men wanted her; women wanted to be her.

Beata said...

I'd love to see outfits that were vintage style interpretations of the Disney princess outfits! I'm a sucker for Disney :)

Laurie said...

I left a comment on here a few days ago, but I don't see it here... hmmm. That time I suggested a Rosie the Riveter outfit and something else brilliant that I can't remember...

This time, how about nursery rhyme characters/costumes... Little Bo Peep, Little Miss Muffett, etc. Or a wedding dress series.

You could also do some mother-daugher ones... adult and child paper dolls with outfits (not necessarily matching or identical, just some cute vintage kid outfits.)

T.L. Bugg said...

I would like to see some based off great screen couples. Bogie and Bacall from Casablanca, James Stewart and Kim Novak in Vertigo, William Powell and Myrna Loy from The Thin Man movies.

Genre figures in general would be cool as well. Thinking along the lines of things I would have wanted to dress up as a kid. Cowboy would be a must as well as astronaut, cop, fireman, "superhero", spy, etc.

I hope that helps with some ideas, I have loved everything you've done in the series so far.

Abby Sellers said...

I posted on Facebook, but I'll post here too:
1) vintage nurse with the hat, cape, skirt, etc
2) catwoman or batgirl or spiderman. If batgirl or catwoman, from the original 60s TV series
3) your favorite Halloween costume as a kid
4) William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I
5) your favorite literary character. Not my favorite, but would be cool--Scarlet O'Hara
6) Astronaut

I came up with more after posting on Facebook :-)