Monday, November 1, 2010

The List

The start of Open Studios is a mere 4 days away. My to-do list includes things like "hang additional artworks" and "print gift certificates"- so far so good. It also has "buy chairs and Velcro"- in my head it makes perfect sense. But the list ends with "make art." I don't quite know what kind of stupor I was in last week that I condensed my entire career and the work I put in to it into the phrase "make art." Plus, it's last on the list! Any good list maker knows that it is highly likely that I won't make it to that last item.

I truly hope you all will come out for Open Studios this weekend. It is one of my favorite weekends, with artists all over Greenville opening their doors and welcoming you into their worlds. And, rest assured, if you come by my place, there will be plenty of places to sit, Velcro holding things together, and just maybe, I'll have a chance to "make art."

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