Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"One Final Adjustment"

I realized that it has been several weeks since I have actually done a "daily painting." But I have been so excited by the larger pieces I have been working on, and the commissions are starting to pile up. This is the last of the pieces in my "Modern Conveniences" series (at least for the moment). I know it isn't an appliance ad, but pantyhose are somewhat of a modern convenience, right? I have been debating whether or not the background of this one is done. I wanted to leave it a little sketchy and ambiguous, but I also don't want the guy in the mirror to look like he is just lurking in the background, watching her dress. I love the figure of the woman, though.

I just started planning a new series of paintings. It is going to be a fairly long term project. I will still be doing the vintage 40's and 50's look, but I want to create my own photos to paint from, rather than relying on existing images. The whole thing will take a lot of planning on my part, but it will involve several vintage dealers in the Greenville area. Plus, if you have ever wanted to be a model, or feel that you were born to be a 50's housewife, this is your chance! More details will come later.

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